Du betrachtest gerade Fördermöglichkeit für medizinische Doktorarbeiten im Bereich der Herz- u. Kreislauferkrankungen

Fördermöglichkeit für medizinische Doktorarbeiten im Bereich der Herz- u. Kreislauferkrankungen

The CRC1550 (Sonderforschungsbereich 1550) funded by the DFG has the opportunity to offer:

MD Fellowships
Molecular Circuits of Heart Disease

The CRC1550 is a collaborative research center between research groups of the University Heidelberg
with the Medical Faculty Heidelberg and the Medical Faculty Mannheim, the German Cancer Research
Center (DKFZ) and the European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL). We aim to promote
translational research and the advance of CardioScience to the benefit of the patients. To this extend,
we look for candidates early during their education in medical school, to perform a MD thesis project
(“Doktorarbeit”) under guidance of experienced and internationally renowned researchers in the field of
CardioScience as part of a structured practical and theoretical education as a basis to become a clinician
The projects in this collaborative research center jointly address fundamental questions including how
gene mutations and environmental factors alter cardiomyocyte function, stress signals in the heart, and
the molecular aspects of inherited and acquired heart disease. For this goal, state of the art techniques
are used including next generation sequencing, (metabol/transcript) omics, transgenic animal and cell
models, imaging techniques and patient cohorts.

What is included?

• A monthly sum of 1.103 EUR will be paid for a maximum of 12 months
• Coverage of project-related bench fees amounting to 4.000 EUR per year
• Access to the curriculum of the Integrated Research Training Group for Cardioscience
(Molecular Cardiology Class, topic specific Journal Clubs and networking possibilities with
basic researchers and physicians working on Cardiac diseases)
• Active participation in the IRTG Summer School

How to apply?

• Choose your research topic on www.CRC1550.com
• Contact either the principal investigator of the research topic or the IRTG coordinator
directly, through the email address below
• Send your application to
• Letter of motivation
• Resume
• Letter of recommendation by the principal investigator
• Research project outline
• Application deadline: 1st April 2024
• Fellowship start date: 1st July 2024

We are looking forward to your application. For any questions you can contact Dr. Koenraad
Philippaert by E-mail: or +49 6221 54-86862